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Blue Mojito: The Official Drink of Mardi Gras Cuba
Mojito Azul: la bebida oficial de Mardi Gras Cuba

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Blue Mojito cocktail

In 2003, the first "blue mojito" in Cuba was concocted at Hotel Nacional. Two choices for a "blue" version of the famous Cuban mojito were possible. The orange flavored "Blue Curacao" or the violet flavored Creme de Violette (many years ago, Creme Yvette was the best choice for violet color and flavoring).

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Blue is an un-natural color for an orange flavor. Creme de Violette was originally chosen but, due to the limited supplies of this French liquer, many people substitute Blue Curacao for the Creme de Violette. Pictures of the first blue mojito at Hotel Nacional are available from this web site upon request.

Blue Mojito

Fine grain sugar 1 teaspoon or sugarcane syrup
Lime juice, freshly squeezed (2 ounces)
5 mint leaves and 1 stem of mint
Club soda or sparkling water (2 ounces)
Cuban White Rum (2 ounces) and Blue Curacao (1/4 ounce) or Creme de Violette (1/2 ounce)

In a tall cocktail glass, combine the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves, then use a muddler to crush the mint leaves and blend with the sugar and lime juice. Add white rum, crushed ice, and EITHER (not both) Blue Curacao or Creme de Violette, then stir. Add Club Soda and gently mix (otherwise there will be a lot of bubbles!). Add mint stem to glass for garnish. Blue Mojito was copyrighted in 2004 with the Copyright Office of the US Library of Congress.


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