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Welcome to Mardi Gras Varadero. Thank you for supporting our event. We look forward to working with you. We want to make your jobs as easy as possible. If you have any questions or special requests not covered below, please contact us.

TO REQUEST MEDIA ACCESS PASSES: ALL media access requests must be on company letterhead from the assignment editor, entertainment editor, features editor, and/or events editor. The Government of Cuba requires journalists and media workers to obtain the proper visa prior to traveling to Cuba. E-mail: Mardi Gras Varadero for more information. Information can also be obtained from the Cuban attache or embassy in the capital city of your country.

Requests must be for a working staff member, such as writer, staff photographer, reporter, camera technicians, etc. Please indicate the type of coverage your outlet will be offering and the day or days you will need media credentials. Please be advised there is no official MEDIA center. Access, subject to Government of Cuba approval, will be provided to the working media as follows:

Newspaper, filing daily
Television for interviews, live shots and shooting entertainment stage
Official radio broadcast partners

Please be advised media credentials are limited and are generally based upon the following criteria: (and each individual's name and official duties must be listed).

Print media filing daily: Maximum of four
Television: live Four to six
Television: taping Two to four
Radio: Two to four
Weekly publication: Two
Monthly publication Maximum of two
Free-lance writer: No credentials are issued without a verifiable letter of assignment. One credential only will be issued, if approved.
Free-lance photographer: No credentials are issued without a verifiable letter of assignment. Upon issuing of a credential, a letter of agreement will be signed that absolutely no photos will be for sale without the written consent of the Havana Bay Company. One credential only will be issued, if approved.

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