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     The Cuban Underwater Biology Project is a self-funded project on our Corporation. The mission of the Cuban Underwater Biology Project is to preserve and protect the beautiful reefs with their abundant coral and marine life surrounding Cuba.  Timely protective legislation, enforcement, and water management programs are the three pillars supporting our mission. Our current focus is encouraging Cuba to cleanup the Cauto River, Cojimar River, Almendares River, Habana bay, Nuevitas bay and Cienfuegos bay, as well as, protect dive areas at Maria la Gorda, Isle of Youth, Cayo Largo, Varadero, Rancho Luna, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca,  and Marea de Portillo.

Metrics are possible when evaluating initial and followup health of water ecosystems. Criteria include biological diversity or species of interest, native vegetation width, oxygen level, nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations, pollutant concentrations, organic matter, temperature, turbidity, channel morphology, and seabed substrate.

     How can you help?   Currently, there are nine areas being emphasized: (1) a "No Touch, No Take"  policy by all who swim or dive in Cuban waters, (2) identifying and notifying our Project of bodies of water currently polluted or potentially in danger of being polluted by Cuba's rapid industrialization as well as growing mining and petroleum exploration efforts, (3) placement of permanent moorings at all current and future dive sites in Cuba, (4) evaluating and updating all Cuban hyperbaric facilities, (5) promotion and implementation of a management program for Cuban waters coordinated with World agencies and both domestic and foreign companies operating in Cuba, (6) continuuing the ban on the sale of shells of the hawksbill turtle, (7) installation of channel markers to keep boats away from coral reefs and seagrass, (8) limiting commercial and recreational fishing in certain fish depleted areas, (9) "no fishing" zones, such are used in Micronesia, and (10) keeping large ships longer than 165 feet at least two miles from coral reefs. Recreational scuba diving is not currently permitted for USA citizens, but there are exceptions for educational and other purposes that can be considered and possibly facilitated through SCUBA CUBA® services.



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